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December News

2020 Cedar Grove HOA Annual Meeting.
Tuesday December 8th.
7PM - 830PM T the Wescott Park enclosed shelter. 

May 22 2020


The Cedar Grove Pool is officially OPEN ! Please adhere to the posted guidelines, and respect the CDC Guidelines that we are required to follow to allow us to use our community pool. 

Adult Swim is 8:00 am - 9:00 am daily.

Open Pool is from 9:00 am - 8:00 pm daily. 

Please see the attendant to sign your waivers and check in at the pool. 

On behalf of the Cedar Grove Board of Directors, our awesome Amenity Center Manager, and the great neighborhood pool attendants....

 E N J O Y ! 

March 16, 2020

November 11, 2019

Our biggest takeaway for the traffic study is that it DID include a sporting event on the weekend of July 26-28, 2019, they used a 3% traffic growth rate, and this was done prior to the CGHOA Board of Directors negotiating to restrict the development at Cannondale from Retail to Office Neighborhood.   Office Neighborhood will slightly reduce the traffic counts into and out of the two parcels along Cannondale, if and when they are developed.    Please not that the traffic study concludes, that for Cannondale, pg 13 :


"Delays currently exist at the two unsignalized intersections on each side of the signal during commuter peaks;
Cannondale Drive to the west and Riverbluff Parkway to the east. These delays are based on the STOP
controlled approaches. These delays are not considered atypical for unsignalized intersections along a major
thoroughfare like Dorchester Road. Delays are reported to be greater at the Cannondale Drive intersection,
which is a four-legged intersection (aligned with park access). Delays for Riverbluff Parkway are less as
there is no competing southbound approach. Given that all feasible geometry (deceleration lanes in each
direction, two approach lanes at each STOP sign, etc.), the next improvement would be traffic signalization,
however side-street volumes are currently not at levels that would warrant traffic signalization. Additional
traffic related to the project is not expected to result in volumes at either intersection that would warrant
traffic signal control, but these intersections should continue to be monitored for potential future traffic
  Traffic Study Link



May 6, 2019

Pool is now open on weekends only starting today. Hours are 8am-8pm. Open lap swim for adults 8am-9am. If its your 1st time visiting the pool, please remember to bring your picture ID for checking in. All homeowners will be required to reread all pool rules and sign the acknowledgement sheet at the beginning of the season. Pool will officially open for the season on the May 24th during the week and weekends.

April 16, 2019

Cedar Grove Property Owners,


With Vaughn Homes (Vaughn) having finished construction within the community, Declarant Control of the community was handed over to the Board of Directors regarding the Architectural Review Board (ARB).

Declarant Control, given to Vaughn in the original governing documents of the community by Vaughn, allowed Vaughn to make the ultimate decision on all architectural decisions regarding their homes while under construction. This included items such as design, fences, and colors. Once homes were closed on, they fell under the responsibility of the ARB.



As Declarant, Vaughn was to designate an Architectural Review Board (ARB) consisting of three (3) to (5) individuals. Each member of the ARB was appointed to their position by Vaughn. Unlike with the Board of Directors positions, there is no language calling for any term limits for ARB members in any of the governing documents. However, the members of the ARB serve at the discretion of the Board of Directors (Board).              

As Declarant Control has been turned over to the Board, the Board has been discussing the possibility of increasing the numbers of seats on the ARB from three (3) to five (5) as permitted in the governing documents of the community. The Board hopes this would bring some new ideas to the ARB, increase representation as the community has grown, and allow for the delegation of work to lighten the workload of each member. As granted by the governing documents, the Board will look to appoint residents into these positions.              

With this in mind, the Board is looking for candidates to consider for the two (2) spots that may possibly be added to the ARB. For consideration, candidates will be required to be property owners and in “good-standing” with the HOA, meaning all dues and fees are currently paid and the resident does not have any current violations of the C&Rs against their property.              

In order to encourage anyone interested in applying, and to help the Board learn a little about the candidates that will be applying, candidates will be asked to fill out and submit to the Board a standardized application. This is similar to the candidate application for the Board during annual elections. ARB Candidate Applications will be collected from now April 16, 2019 through May 7, 2019. This will allow the Board to review the applications on hand to possibly make ARB additions at the May 2019 Board of Directors Meeting.    

If you have any questions, would like to be emailed an application, or to submit an application, please reach out to the Board of Directors at cedargrovehoaboard@gmail.com. 


The Cedar Grove Board of Directors


 November 17, 2018

A letter and ballot for the upcoming election to vote for the open position on the 2019 Board of Directors should be arriving at your household soon.  We are going to have 2 Meet the Candidate Events at the Amenity Center. Our first meeting will be tomorrow morning from 10-noon on the front lawn of the amenity center. Our second meeting will be Tuesday November 20 from 7-8:30. We hope you will be able to stop by and say Hi!  

Cedar Grove Nomination Committee

October 3, 2018

Pool season ends September 30, 2018

May 11, 2018

The pool pump repairs have been completed, and the pool will open this weekend, 5-12 for the weekend only 10A-7P, and then starting 5/25 daily 8A-8P.   

May 4, 2018 

Cedar Grove Homeowners and Residents,
               Over the last few weeks, the Cedar Grove Pool & Amenity Center Committee, associates, and vendors have been working hard to meet the self-imposed pool opening date of Saturday, May 5, 2018, as communicated at the 2018 Cedar Grove Annual Meeting. As recently as yesterday, a mass communication to all residents was being prepared to announce the opening of the pool. Unfortunately, in preparing the pool for opening, our pool contractor heard some noises in the pool equipment and discovered a problem.
               Following some diagnostic work, it appears that there is an issue with some of the components inside the pool pump. Fortunately, this was caught in advance of any damage occurring to the pool pump. Unfortunately, the replacement parts are not going to be here in time to open as planned this weekend.
               Based on these facts, the pool will now open on Saturday, May 12, 2018. As originally communicated, the pool will be open only Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 7 PM through the month of May until the full opening on the Memorial Day weekend.
Beginning Memorial Day weekend, the pool will then be open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM, with 8 AM to 9 AM reserved for adult lap swimming.
Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at the pool next weekend and throughout the summer.
The Cedar Grove Board of Directors and Community Management Teams