1   Where can I store my boat?

Cedar Grove Covenants & Restrictions do not allow storage of boats on trailers in your driveway for periods longer than 4 days.  It must be stored in your garage or at an off-site facility.

2   Must I pick up after my dog?

You must pick up after your dog on any public or private property (other than your own) including streets and sidewalks.  Droppings must be deposited in a trash can.  This is a City of North Charleston ordinance (Chapter 4, Article I, Section 4-11) and violators can be fined $1000 because it is considered a health code violation.  Call Animal Control at 843-740-2815 if you see a violation.

3   What is the speed limit in the neighborhood?

All vehicles must not exceed 25 MPH while being driven within the Cedar Grove subdivision.  Please report violators to the North Charleston Police Department (843-207-0666).

4   What about fences and storage sheds?

If you plan on installing a fence, storage shed or other type of out building it must meet the requirements of the Cedar Grove Architectural Review Board (ARB).  Contact: CedarGroveHOAARB@gmail.com for requirements.  In addition you must have a permit from the City of North Charleston in order to construct a fence or an out building.

5   Can I fish in the Cedar Grove ponds?

Paddle boating, sailing, canoeing and fishing on Cedar Grove ponds are allowed but only by residents or their guests.  The resident must always accompany the guests.  No motor powered boats are allowed.  Also, do not feed the ducks or geese.  The pond between Evangeline Dr and the Apartments do not belong to the HOA and has its own set of rules.

6   What if I see an alligator?

Alligators are part of the low country and are a threatened species.  It is illegal to feed or harass them.  Keep pets and children away!  If an alligator is a dangerous nuisance contact the office of the South Carolina DNR (843-953-9856) or the Cedar Grove HOA.  Just showing up does not constitute a nuisance.  They must be aggressive to be considered a nuisance.  According to SC DNR, the great majority of gators are not considered aggressive.  By law, nuisance gators are not allowed to be relocated but must be euthanized.

7   Where can I get a replacement mailbox or post?

Mailboxes and posts are to be maintained in good repair and be black in color with numbering in white or gold.

The following replacement mailboxes/posts from Postal Products Unlimited (i.e. mailproducts.com) are acceptable:

a) Single mailbox with newspaper box:  Model 1812 Beaumont (Black)

b) Single mailbox without newspaper box:  Model 1812 Cape Charles (Black)

c) Double mailbox with newspaper box:  Model 1812 Columbus (Black)

d) Double mailbox without newspaper box:  Model 1812 Tallahassee (Black)

All other mailbox/posts must be approved by the Association's ARB and must meet US Postal Service guidelines prior to purchase or installation.

8   When should I put my trash can out?

Household trash in City provided containers should be put out at curbside (handle facing the street) no more than 12 hours before scheduled pickup and must be returned to its storage location no more than 12 hours after pickup.  Approved storage locations are inside your garage or to the rear or side of your home.  Container storage in front of your home is prohibited.

9   What are the parking rules?

You must park your vehicle in your garage or your driveway.  For safety reasons and to help prevent possible vandalism, do not park on the street overnite.  Parking on the grass or blocking a sidewalk is prohibited.

10   Can I cut down a tree on my property?

The City of North Charleston has a tree protection ordinance covered under Zoning Regulations - Article VI, Section 6-16.  In general, removal of a tree with a diameter of 8" or greater requires HOA approval first followed by a permit from the City of North Charleston.

11   What can be done about a neighbor's barking dog?

The City of North Charleston has noise ordinances covered under Chapter 4, Article I, Section 4.7 and Chapter 13, Article V, Section 13-126.  Animal Control (under Police Department) is responsible for handling these complaints.  Call 843-740-2815.

12   What is the mailing address of the HOA?

Cedar Grove Homeowners Association

PO Box 42237

Charleston, SC 29423


13   When do I need ARB approval?

ARB approval is required before doing certain things that changes the look of your property.  It includes, but is not limited to, adding a fence, installing an outbuilding, expanding your driveway, changing the color of any exterior feature of your home (siding, front door, garage door, shutters, etc), replacing your roof, adding a flagpole and adding a pool.   It does not include landscaping.  Don't assume you know whether or not a change requires ARB review/approval to implement, ask by contacting the ARB chairman at CedarGroveHOAARB@gmail.com.

14   Is there a Transfer Fee when you sell your property?

All property owners in Cedar Grove except those located in Phase 1 are required to pay a transfer fee to the HOA upon the sale of the property.  The legal authority to collect this fee can be found in the Supplemental Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions or other similar document.  The amount of the transfer fee is ½ of one percent of the sales price of the property.  The buyer normally pays this fee but it can be a negotiable item between the buyer and seller.  Transfer fees are used by the HOA to fund the capital reserve for projects such as re-plastering the pool, replacing the roof on the Amenity Center, etc.   It is not used for normal operating expenses.